Home Learning during School Closures

We are all looking forward to the day when we can welcome everyone back to school and see you all again. We have a few weekly targets to aim for and have put together a list of educational activities and websites to support learning at home. We are aware of the huge stress families are under at this time and do not wish to burden anyone or put further stress on you. The activities are optional and you can pick and choose what you want to do and how much you want to do.

We will start using the Seesaw app after the May Bank Holiday for more interaction with pupils. Parents will receive an email with details and log in codes. Our dedicated home learning email address is nurneyhomelearning@gmail.com. We are here to support you.

Our suggestion for home learning is that you give children some routine to their days – a mix of active time, play/chill out time, reading, some schoolwork and other activities. For some children, a simple visual timetable or plan for the day on the fridge may help them to stay motivated and focused. Older children might prefer to make up their own balanced timetable and to choose their activities from the suggestions here, alongside the weekly targets.

Click on a link below to start exploring!

Special birthday wishes to Nina, Kaitlynn, Gavin and Mollie who celebrate their birthdays this month, and to Cormac, Sophie, Noah, Denis and Aisling who celebrate their birthdays over the summer holidays.

Funky Kids’ Denis read Kaitlynn, Patrick and Aisling’s story on their Facebook page. Check it out here – https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheFunkyKidsClubCreativeWorkshop/posts/

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Stories and Poetry

Diabolical Denis & Outstanding Olivia by Aisling, Patrick and Kaitlynn

Far away, on a hidden planet Diabolical Denis was plotting his revenge on Outstanding Olivia. He clapped for his servant to start up his space ship. He then hopped into it and zoomed down to Earth. 

Meanwhile back on Earth Outstanding Olivia was busy helping out a local charity with some voluntary work. Suddenly there was a big booming sound outside. Outstanding Olivia ran out to see Diabolical Denis floating down in his spaceship. She tried to turn on her shield but he was too close. She knew this was going to be her biggest battle yet. 

Denis hopped furiously down from his ship and swung a giant sword at Olivia. She leaped up into the sky, dodging his attack. She used her ice powers to launch giant balls of ice at Denis, freezing him right on the spot. She then threw him in the spaceship and went zooming up into space. Never to be seen AGAIN! 

The End. 

The Dragon King by Denis

In an age long ago an old man ran through the woods. He came across a cave.
As he clambered inside he opened up his backpack. Inside was a tiny baby boy.
As the man passed away a huge creature walked into the light. It was a huge
red, majestic dragon. As the baby cried the dragon crept up to him and tapped
him on the head. As the baby started to sleep a glowing light erupted from the
baby’s forehead.


As Damien ran through the fields and up to the cave, he walked inside and was
shocked as Drago was nowhere to be found. His legs gave out. As he passed
out he fell into a dream where inside he saw his scaly protector. Damien walked
up to the dragon. Drago looked down with sorrow in his eyes.

“I’m sorry my boy you must now live without me. ’’ He then tapped the boy on
the forehead as a blinding light appeared. The dragon’s last words were. “You
shall now be bestowed the power of fire use it to become the Dragon King.’’

Then Damien awoke in a bed unlike his own. This was more humanised than a
small pile of thatch. He clambered out of the bed and plummeted on to the
ground. To his surprise it was a bunk bed. He heard footsteps coming up the
stairs. As the door opened up Damien was scared to think that they might hurt
him. To his surprise there was another young boy with spiky white hair. He
looked down with a smile and said “Oh good you’re finally awake. Are you
hurt? Do you need anything? Damien shook his head. “Okay then I is Kaidan
by the way.

“Wa… what? What are you talking about? Who are you?” asked Damien.
“I’m the boy that saved you silly. You were unconscious in a cave so I brought
you here to the orphanage”
“Oh okay then. I’m Damien by the way.”
Then three more people came through the door.
“Hey there you three.” Said Kaidan

“Who are you?” asked Damien
“Oh right” said the loud kid “I’m Jerome. That’s Volt and that’s Ara.”
“Alright I’m Damien.”

Then from outside they heard screaming as someone attacked their village. It
was an invading prince.

“Wait right there.” said Kaidan. “We’ll handle this.” Then his body was
overcome with frost as he yelled “Get away from here” bursting through the
window with the other three in close proximity.

The three children began to fight off the attackers as Damien watched on in
shock. Resistance was futile and the three were soon overcome with the amount
of enemies. They each fell one after another.

Damien couldn’t watch it anymore. Then something in him snapped as he
started to slowly walk forward.

Then Kaidan yelled “No Damien. Get back. Run away “ but this didn’t make
him budge. As a soldier ran at him Damien put out a hand and a flaming
tornado engulfed the advancer.

The other four kids looked amazed that Damien had the fire of the dragons
ability. Then Damien looked up with one of his eyes on fire and yelled “Now

The End.

Haiku by Denis

Liverpool are gonna,
Win the League with no one close,
They’re unstoppable.