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Funky Kids’ Denis read Kaitlynn, Patrick and Aisling’s story on their Facebook page. Check it out here – https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheFunkyKidsClubCreativeWorkshop/posts/

Diabolical Denis & Outstanding Olivia by Aisling, Patrick and Kaitlynn

Far away, on a hidden planet Diabolical Denis was plotting his revenge on Outstanding Olivia. He clapped for his servant to start up his space ship. He then hopped into it and zoomed down to Earth. 

Meanwhile back on Earth Outstanding Olivia was busy helping out a local charity with some voluntary work. Suddenly there was a big booming sound outside. Outstanding Olivia ran out to see Diabolical Denis floating down in his spaceship. She tried to turn on her shield but he was too close. She knew this was going to be her biggest battle yet. 

Denis hopped furiously down from his ship and swung a giant sword at Olivia. She leaped up into the sky, dodging his attack. She used her ice powers to launch giant balls of ice at Denis, freezing him right on the spot. She then threw him in the spaceship and went zooming up into space. Never to be seen AGAIN! 

The End.