• Homework is given to reinforce what the children have learned in school. Parents are encouraged to look at their child’s work and show an interest in what their child is doing.
  • Parents are asked to give their child a suitable time to do their homework away from television.
  • All that is required from homework is an honest attempt. There is no discipline for wrong answers. Refusal or neglect to do homework is made known to parents if it happens on a continuous basis.
  • Children do homework on Monday – Thursday nights.
  • No homework is given at weekends except where a pupil has not completed homework during the week.
  • If children fail to complete homework, an explanatory note is required.
  • Sometimes at the discretion of the class teacher or the principal, children are given homework off as a treat or as acknowledgement of some special occasion. The ‘Star of the Week’ have the option to use a homework pass off written work as their prize.

Duration of Homework

The following are guidelines for time spent at homework. Different children will complete the same homework in different lengths of time. Time spent will vary from day to day and also from the beginning to the end of the school year. It is important to remember that it is the quality and not the quantity of homework that matters. The following are general guidelines:

Infants      0 to 15 minutes

Rang 1 and 2   15 to 25 minutes

Rang 3 and 4   30 to 40 minutes

Rang 5 and 6   30 to 50 minutes

 Pupils should:

  • Write homework accurately in homework diary.
  • Take home correct books and copies.
  • Complete homework to the best of their ability.
  • Present written work neatly.
  • Practice tin-whistle regularly.

Parents/Guardians should:

  • Encourage a positive attitude towards homework in all subjects from an early age. Give praise and encouragement for work completed.
  • Encourage children to work independently as far as possible. Resist over-helping.
  • Encourage children to organise themselves for homework. Have all books and materials to hand. The pupil should have the Homework Journal open to tick off work as it is completed.
  • Agree a suitable time for doing homework, taking into account age, the need for playtime, relaxation and family time.
  • Providing a quiet place, suitable work surface, free from distractions, interruptions and T.V.
  • Encourage good presentation and neatness.
  • Sign the homework diary every Thursday and check daily, that all homework is complete.
  • Check that the child has all necessary books, homework journal, copies, pencils, mathematical equipment, dictionary, if needed for the next school day.