The Great Isolation Activity Book

An Post Imagination Nation doodle activity booklet

Creative Art Ideas

A Sketch a Day

You don’t really need anything except paper and a pencil. Your job is to create one sketch a day for the duration of the project. Look up drawing videos on YouTube to improve your technique or copy a step-by-step video like on The Art Hub channel. Check out Lunch Doodles on YouTube for something a little different!

Learn a musical instrument

Practice your tin-whistle, or maybe you’ve another instrument at home to try out. 

Tin Whistle:

Piano / Keyboard:–2qaXN5 


Puppet Show 

Making a puppet show can be a fun way to spend some time and there’s lots of different ways to do it now.

1.     Make a sock puppet – 

2.     Make finger puppets – 

3.     Make an online Puppet Show – Puppet Pals App

Write the scripts and record them! Hide under a table, rehearse, write invitations to the people in your house, and put on a show!


Learn to sing your favourite pop songs in Irish on TGLurgan’s YouTube channel. They have started putting up new videos with lyrics here…

Africa le Toto as Gaeilge

We’ve Got Talent

Host your own family talent show. Everyone in the house must put on an act – sing, dance, mime, juggle, whatever you like!

Mammy’s got the X Factor