Go on a Virtual School Tour or watch an Animal Webcam

INTO virtual tour links

Dublin Zoo Webcam

National Geographics Kids

Lots to explore on the website –  science experiments, animal videos, interesting places, fun games and more!


Pick any topic you like – a famous person, a historical event, animals, habitats, a country… You could create it in English, Irish or a mix of both.

Here are some ways you can produce it…

  1. Write it! Make your project on paper
  2. Type it! Using Google Docs, make your project adding text, images and maybe video
  3. Build it! Using whatever materials you want, build and make your project
  4. Present it! Make a Google Slideshow about your project
  5. Make a Book! Use Book Creator on an iPad or Chromebook to make a book about your project
  6. Video it! Grab a phone and hit record
  7. Your way! Present your project in whatever way you want – whether it’s a virtual tour or even a podcast, do what you like!
Senior Room’s Australian Artwork 2020

History Activities

  • Make a Time Capsule and bury it or ask an adult to put it in the attic. Pádraig and Íde’s dad sent us this great template.
  • Draw your Family Tree. You can do this digitally or by hand and you can go back as far as you want!
  • Interview a grandparent or older neighbour over the phone. Ask them about their childhood and life. Remember to write down their answers after.

Other websites

Science Kids experiments

Twinkl have many slideshows and activities based on Geography, Science and History. free code: IRLTWINKLHELPS