Keeping Active

PE with Joe

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Cosmic Kids Yoga

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Go Noodle 

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Mindfulness and Well Being

Offline Ideas

  • Practice your sports
  • Turn up your favourite music and have a family disco! 
  • Outdoor Challenges
    • Create your own obstacle course
    • Do 3 laps of your house or up and down the hall 10 times
    • Keepie uppies – how many can you do in a row?
    • Skip sideways up and down the garden 5 times
    • Build a den
    • Play games like Crocodile, Crocodile; What time is it Mr. Wolf; Red Light, Green Light
    • Ask your parents what they played as children and try it!
    • Go for a walk
    • Cycle your bike/ride a scooter for 10 minutes
    • Draw your own hopscotch with chalk and play
    • Throw a ball against a wall and catch
    • Run for 5 minutes
    • 10 minutes of free play outside
    • Make daisy chains or mud pies
    • Jump on your trampoline or play with a skipping rope
    • Bubble bashing – get someone to blow bubbles for you to try and burst all of them