Week 5 JR

11th – 15th May

Hi girls and boys,

I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather we’ve been having. I know some of you just got your codes for Seesaw in the last few days so you can have a look at the activities I assigned last week on the app. We hope that everyone will try it out and send at least one piece of work each week if it is at all possible. We really want to stay in touch with you all. Julie has a fun challenge up too!

English Reading

Infants revise sounds. See assigned activity on Seesaw.

All – Fluency reading practice, as last week. Choose one of the readers you took home from school, or a different book you like to read. Practice reading it with a parent or older brother or sister. Log in to Seesaw and follow the instructions on the Fluency Reading Practice activity (record video/audio of you reading a page).

Maths and Science

Go on a nature trail – You can print off page one in colour or black and white, clicking the link below, or use the template on Seesaw. Mark the plants and flowers you find on your nature hunt sheet. Count them and record the number beside its picture/name. Which plant was the most common? You can upload your finished sheet to Seesaw to show me.


Learn about the signs of summer. Read through the Twinkl powerpoint below, or your parents can tell you what they know about the season of summer if you can’t access a computer. Record the signs of summer you have seen already. Infants you could draw the signs and label with a few words. 1st and 2nd you can write some sentences. You can send it to me on Seesaw if you like.