Week 3 JR

27th April – 1st May

Hi boys and girls,

I have some fantastic news! Kaitlynn’s baby brother was born last week! Congratulations Kaitlynn! We send you and all your family lots of love.

How did you all get on with your activities last week? Did you try out the family restaurant? If you took some photos, maybe your parents would like to send them to me to put on the school website. The email is nurneyhomelearning@gmail.com. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Mr. Duffy, Julie, Ms. Griffin or I, you can use this email. We’d love to hear how everyone is getting on.

I hope you enjoyed the fine weather last week. It looks like this might be a rainy week. Here are a few activities to try out this week.


There will be a gymnastics PE lesson on RTE home school hub this Wednesday with Múinteoir Ray, some time between 11 and 12. You can catch up on the RTE player if you miss it. Try to join in and below is a nice warm-up, or in between ad breaks if you’re watching cartoons! To cool down, you can try out the cool animal yoga poses below from An Post’s Imagination Nation booklet. You can download the page to colour in if you like, or the booklet. If you’d like to do some Go Noodle this week if we’re stuck indoors, you don’t need to sign up, the videos are on YouTube.


Infants – Practice your Jolly Phonics sounds with this video that has extra sounds added. The video may be taken down from YouTube over time. Just type in jolly phonics songs in the YouTube search bar.

Can you download the Jolly Phonics Free App to a device at home? It is brilliant for revising all the sounds you have learned. I would love if parents could do the dictation exercises at the end of the lesson on the app. Dictation is where an adult calls out a word (Junior Infants/Senior Infants) or a short sentence (Senior Infants/1st class) and the child attempts to write the word. This is really important work and if you can fit it into your week it would be really great. You don’t have to download the app – I can email you a list of words to use (at your child’s ability level). Some children will fly at this, while others, it will be a slow process. Aim for 5 mins of dictation a day. Doing too much can lead to getting impatient or child getting bored/upset which is the last thing we want.

Example of wording you might use with your child when dictating the word mat. Note that praise is really important and letting the child figure it our, not just spelling the word out for him/her.

“Mat. mmmaaat. Mat.” Child tries to write the word without you spelling it out. You can prompt child by saying “What sound do you hear at the start?…mmm..good! Ok, what letter makes the mmmm sound?…m..yes! Ok write that down….Great. The word is mat. What other sounds do you hear?…t? Yes that’s at the end. There’s another sound in the middle. Listen carefully. Maaaat. …Did you hear it?…aaa? Ok write down the letter that makes the a sound…Ok last sound. Mat….t…correct, write the letter that makes the sound t. Now can you read the word you wrote down? Mmmaaat. Mat. Fantastic!”

1st class – RTE home school hub have a lesson on Friday, between 11 and 12, about writing sentences. It sounds like it’ll be a good lesson to tune into. You can catch up on the RTE Player if you miss it. You can learn to be a sentence detective with Múinteoir Ray and then when you’re reading your own books this week, you can practice being a sentence detective.

2nd class – I’m sure you’ve been busy writing since school closed. Denis and Olivia would love to read one of your imaginative stories. Get your thinking cap on and write a story for them to read aloud on the Funky Kids facebook page. Use your creative words and spectacular story lines and your story could be picked! Please take a photo and email it to me, or you could type it in a Word document and then email it. I’d love to put it on our website. You can email it to Olivia oliviaoct75@gmail.com. To listen to Denis reading, here is the link https://m.facebook.com/TheFunkyKidsClubCreativeWorkshop .


At school we brainstormed ideas on how we could keep our classroom clean and tidy. We had a jobs rota and everyone had a job to do each month. It made our classroom a nicer place to be in. When you took on those special responsibilities it gave me more time to teach because I didn’t have to do all the classroom jobs too!

Now that you are spending more time at home, think about how you can make your home a nicer place to be. Are your parents very busy? I bet they are! You could take on some special responsibilities at home to make their job easier!

Múinteoir Ray had a lesson about helping at home on the 21st April if you want to watch the lesson on the RTE player. You can fill in this sheet below or you can just talk to your parents about it and decide together what jobs or responsibilities you could learn or take on at home.