Covid-19 School Response Plan

Our School Response PlanArrangements that are particular to Our Lady’s N.S. Nurney, Co. Carlow.

 Staff completed their Induction training in the school on Monday 24/08/2020 in accordance with back to school.  All staff completed the return to work form. All subs to fill in CPSMA Self declaration form.

We appointed our  Lead Worker and Deputy Lead Worker Reps .

 L.W.R. Eileen Griffin,

 Deputy L.W.R. Julie Doran.

We are following the government guidelines with regards to school cleaning with particular emphasis on floors, door handles, table tops, chairs etc., see Cleaning schedule Appendix 1.

 As we have been given extra capitation funding for cleaning we have employed an extra cleaning staff member, Mary Phelan, who will work with Ciara Dermody, therefore increasing our cleaning hours from 7 hours to 14 hours per week.

Class room layouts have been changed and surplus furniture and books etc removed to allow for social distancing. Each class room bubble is divided into pods- please see Appendix 2.

An isolation unit has been created at the entrance to the storage room and required items e.g. Hand sanitizer and gloves are kept there for use if needed.

When dropping children off in the mornings, parents are requested to keep their children in their car until the bell rings to avoid congregating at the school gate. Once the bell rings pupils from the Junior Room come in first. They  can go straight to their classroom. The bell will ring a second time for Senior Room pupils.

 To avoid mixing of pods we have altered our break time schedules and introduced staggered breaks.  We have also changed our entrance and exit points.

Pupils from Junior Room enter through the main entrance and exit through the first door into the apple garden. Pupils from Senior Room enter the second door from the apple garden and exit through the fire exit door. All staff and pupils sanitize their hands on entry to the school. The break time schedules are changed and are as per Appendix 3.

If symptoms of Covid-19 show in pupils or staff we are following guidelines from HSE and DES. A document has been filled in Public Health Risk Assessment- see Appendix 4.

For the month of September we are not giving any homework to allow the pupils re-settle in to school life and adjust to the new arrangements re hand washing and sanitizing etc.  These will be a greater focus on SPHE, Wellbeing and Outdoor Activity.

A log book with contact numbers of all visitors to the school is kept at the main door on entry to the school building along with Contact Log Forms.

The necessary PPE has been purchased, with the PPE grant from DES, for the protection and safety of all and all staff members use it as required. In  addition all staff members wear face coverings as mandated.