Code of Discipline

The purpose of this code is to ensure that an acceptable level of discipline is maintained in our school at all times, in the classroom, the playground and in any activity curricular or extracurricular, e.g. football match, swimming, quiz.

Children are at all times expected to have respect for themselves, their fellow pupils and their teachers. They should respect the school premises and property of the school.

Towards this goal rules are made and a breach of these rules is a breach of discipline and must be corrected accordingly.

Our policy is a sense of respect rather than fear. Honesty at all times, that we as teachers and they as pupils are always fair with each other.

Forgiveness and forgetting is extremely important for all of us. We hope to work in co-operation with parents and children.

It is most important that the teacher is familiar with the home background of pupils, as many breaches of discipline stem from problems within the home. An understanding of these problems may help the teacher to deal with the child in the most appropriate manner.

Older children like to be treated in a grown-up manner, to be allowed to speak, to listen to reason and hopefully they can themselves make the decision to correct the wrongs.

Breaches of Discipline

Aggressive threatening violent behaviour towards teacher or fellow pupils

Deliberate disobedience

Back-answering and insolence where there is clear breach of rules

Bullying – physical, verbal or isolation

Deliberate fighting – organised and gang fighting

Rows from outside school being continued in school

Bringing to school any unsuitable or dangerous item

Wilful damage to school building, property or to the property of other pupils

Continuous breaking of school rules:

  • Homework
  • No uniform
  • Telling lies
  • Bad language
  • Name-calling
  • Playing after bell
  • Continuous talking in class
  • Apathy towards work – no effort at all
  • General messing – shoving, pushing, running
  • Interfering with other groups at play as a ‘mess’


  1. Reasoning with pupil
  2. Re-occurrence: Reprimand – advice on how to improve
  3. Separation (temporary) from peers, friends and others
  4. Loss of privileges
  5. Detention during break
  6. Referral to Principal
  7. Informing parents, seeking their co-operation
  8. Suspension


  1. Chairperson of Board of Management informed
  2. Parents requested in writing to attend school to meet Chairperson and Principal
  3. If parents do not give an undertaking that their child will behave in an acceptable manner, the child may have to be suspended. (3 days maximum)

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