Aistear – Pirate Theme Ideas

  • Watch this story on YouTube: How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long.  This will give you a good idea on what pirates might look like, what items they use and adventures they go on.
  • Draw yourself as a pirate. Add some of the following items – an eye patch, a hoop earring, a scar, scarf or hat, a parrot on your shoulder, a peg leg, stripy tights, a skull and crossbones logo.
  • Play PE game ‘Decks’. It’s a bit like Simon Says… One person is the Captain calls out a phrase and the others have to do the right action. ‘Pirate’ means swing your arm like a pirate and saying “Argghh”. ‘X marks the spot’ means dig up the treasure. ‘Parrot’ means flap your wings. If you make a mistake you join the Captain and take turns giving orders until there is only one left. The last person is the captain in the next round.
  • Go on a treasure hunt for real money.  Sort your money into piles (1c, 2c, 5c,…). 1st and 2nd try to add up your treasure.
  • Make a pirate ship in your garden or sitting room. Ask your captains (parents) for permission if you want to take things outside, and tidy up after so your garden or sitting room is ‘ship shape’ (really tidy!) after.
  • Dress-up like a pirate with clothes you have (or raid your parents’ wardrobe with their permission!)
  • Make a pirate or sailor’s hat out of newspaper/cereal boxes.
  • Play Bucaneer’s Battle (print boardgame)
  • Make a treasure map indoor/outdoor. You could mark out different parts of your garden/room on the map. You could dip a used tea bag in water and wipe it across your page when you’re finished to turn it an old brown colour and scrunch the page up to give it wrinkles.

Send us your pictures on Seesaw or e-mail to share your ideas with your shipmates…I mean…classmates.